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Pretty Ladies, Fast Horses -
Produced by Trick Rider Productions Inc.
In association with Global,A CanWest
Company, with the participation
of the Canadian Television Fund,
created by the Goverment of Canada
and the Canadian cable industry.
[CTF:Licence Fee Program]
The CanWest Western Independent
Producers Fund
The Alberta Film Development Program
of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts
and the Government of Canada,
Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit Program

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"Pretty Ladies, Fast Horses"

"Cowgirls of the 21st Century"

Luscious landscapes, powerful animals and photogenic women- all dynamic elements of this one hour documentary that follows five exceptional Canadian cowgirls over the course of one year. It introduces the trick rider, barrel racer, rodeo gueen and ranchers. These women choose to follow a career that affords them a rodeo or ranching lifestyle of freedom and independence that most of us only dream of.

Monica Wilson, professional barrel racerMonica Wilson, a professional barrel racer, makes her way from rodeo to rodeo all summer lng, on a circuit that streches from Vancouver Island to Morris, Manitoba. Driving a $40,000 pickup truck which pulls a $70,000 trailer, Monica travels with her world in tow--her horses, her family, her tack, her bed and her computer. In 1999 Monica Wilson won the right for cowgirls to vote as members of the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association(CPRA), and also convinced the CPRA to give women barrel racers equal status in the professional rodeo curcuit. Because of her efforts, barrel racers now qualify for the same $50,000 winning prize accorded to men for winning their individual rodeo events. An active lobbyist for her sport and an exceptional athlete, Monica was presented the coveted Cowboy of the Year award by the CPRA.

Niki Cammaert trick rider from StrathmoreNiki Cammaert, a 21 year old trick rider from Strathmore, Alberta. Follows a long line of cowgirls that strches far back to the days of Annie Oakley and the Wild West Show. Niki makes her living traveling the rodeo curcuit, performing trick rides with her horse Willy. She races around arenas, dangling precariously from the stirrups and standing straight up atop her horse as it careens around the course. Despite a recent acccident that left her jaw broken and face in stiches, Niki is now back on the rodeo circuit.

Lenore Mclean rancher from LongviewLenore Mclean, 61, ranches in the Longview, Alberta area, runs a guest ranch and acts as a side-saddle riding trainer for movies such as Unforgiven and The Scarlet Letter. Like the women of the rodeo, her horse does a lot of her work for her and the relationship between the horse and the women is something that is echoed with each of the cowgirls in this film. But for Lenore, being a cowgirl is less about fancy horse riding and costumes and more about cattle. She rides horses so she can bring home calves across the horn of her saddle and move cows over rangeland for better pasture.

Patty Scott, a single mother of two girls. Is a forth generation rancher, who manages on her own but appreciates the help of her friends and neighbors. A highlight of Pretty Ladies, Fast Horses is when Patti gets her neighbors and family together to assist with the annual branding of calves. Patti's accomplishments and her looks, caught the attention of the Alberta Cattle Commission. Both she and Lenore are now featured in an international advertising campaign promoting the Alberta Beef industry.

 Calgary Stampede Queen and Princess's of 2002Karen Collins is the Calgary Stampede Queen 2002. She and Stampede Princesses June Marie Innes and Natalie Havens were recently chosen to promote the Stampede, the greatest outdoor show on earth. Pretty Ladies, Fast Horses follows these three as they participate in the royalty contest. A process that sees contestants evaluated on their riding skill, their public speaking and of course their beauty.

From Rodeo queens to ranch women, the cowgirls of Western Canada area unique and romantic breed. They live in a location that has often been reffered to as "God's Country." Pretty Ladies, Fast Horses will reveal this stunning scenery to the beat of original country music composed by up-and-coming female singer/songwriters.

Ultimately, the documentary celebrates the talented, independent, free-spirited women who have carved a place for themselves in the rugged, masculine world of the cowboy.






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