Lorna Thomas Productions Inc. is committed to creating and delivering distinctive, high-quality television documentaries and educational videos. The mandate of this company is to “help women, youth and special interest groups to tell their story,” and to get these stories distributed nationally and internationally. Established in 1993 the company maintains an excellent reputation for the quality of its productions. Based in Edmonton, Alberta the company is led by President Lorna Thomas.

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The company has produced many documentaries for television and corporate videos and has collaborated with the National Film Board of Canada on several productions. Lorna Thomas directed "STIR IT UP" for the NFB in 1994. "BEATING THE STREETS" was a Co-Production with the NFB and had its television premiere on CBC Newsworld’s documentary series “Rough Cuts.” The film won BEST PICTURE at the “Dreamspeaker International Film Festival-1998”. In 2000 she produced and directed a half hour documentary about breast cancer for Vision Television. This film, "PHYLLIS MIRACLE" won “Best Documentary under 30 minutes” at the 2001 Alberta Motion Picture Industry Association. In 2002 Lorna Thomas Productions partnered with Trick Rider Productions to produce “PRETTY LADIES, FAST HORSES”— COWGIRLS OF THE 21st CENTURY for Global Television. The film won third place in the sports category at the “Houston International Film Festival 2003.” In 2005 Lorna co-produced and directed RADIO WORTH FIGHTING FOR", a documentary for CHUM (Bravo) about public radio and the fight to save listener-supported radio station CKUA. . In 2008 the company completed CATCHING MY BREATH, a film about wheelchair athlete Ken Thomas and his determination to participate in the World Masters Games. It is also about his life long fight for inclusion and independence as a person with a physical disability.

Lorna Thomas Productions is committed to working collaboratively with organizations/individuals who wish to produce non-broadcast videos for use in educational settings and/or for professional development. Some of the videos that have been concluded through this approach include:

Creating a Hope Kit
Length: 18 minutes
Produced in 2010 for the Hope Foundation
This teacher training video demonstrates how a teacher and students work together to create and share personal hope kits as part of their learning about hope-focused practices.

Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame Induction Videos (2004-2008)

Each year Lorna Thomas Productions produces five short films profiling individuals and organizations that have made a significant contribution to Canadian aviation. These films are screened at an annual induction ceremony, held in a different Canadian city each year, and are then archived at Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame in Wetaskiwin, Alberta.

Street Sand Recycling:
An Environmentally Sustainable Practice for a Changing World

Length: 8 minutes
Produced in 2007 for Street Sand Recycling Inc.
• This film demonstrates the unique street sand recycling process used in Edmonton, Alberta.

Riding the Rail to Edmonton
Length: 7 minutes
Produced in 2004 for the Edmonton: A Place Called Home Project, celebrating
Edmonton’s centennial
• A short video based on a true story shared by 94-year-old Eldon Haug and narrated by his grandson Alex Thomas-Haug. The story shares Eldon’s experience riding a freight train from Saskatoon to Edmonton during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Hungry and out of work, Eldon and the friend he was traveling with received help from an unexpected source— an immigrant from China. The story is a testimony to the fortitude of early Edmontonians and to the generosity of an immigrant who himself had known hardship.

Inspiring Teachers: The Collaborative Schools Model
Length: 14 minutes
Produced in 2003 for the Faculty of Education, University of Alberta
• This film demonstrates a new way for teachers and principals to work with student teachers.

Fun For All: Universal Playspaces
Length: 12:30 minutes
Produced in 2002 for Community Services, City of Edmonton
• The video is about making playgrounds accessible for the disabled.

Support From the Heart
Length: 25 minutes
Produced in 2001 with financial assistance from the Edmonton Community Foundation, the Department of Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism Program and Alberta Community Development: Human Rights, Citizenship and Multi-culturalism Education.
• The video is about immigrant/refugee families struggling to access the “System” (ie. health, education, social services, and law-enforcement systems). It is also about Edmonton’s Multicultural Health Brokers who strive to help these families.



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